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Stückeläckerweg 2a
69168 Wiesloch
Tel 06222 - 30 464 - 0

Surgical treatment

while sleeping

In the case of longer or more difficult surgical procedures, upon request, we are happy to treat our patients under a full narcosis, in order to make it as simple as possible for all those involved. Very experienced specialists for anaesthesia provide support to our medical team and supervise our patients during the narcosis in an optimal manner. The individual requirement of a full narcosis is determined by our staff providing treatment in line with the wishes of the patient.




Frequent questions regarding anaesthetic treatments posed by patients

Is a full narcosis in the case of dental operation reimbursable?
(coming soon)

How long does it take before I can go home after waking up from a full narcosis?
Depending on the duration of the narcosis having been undergone, it takes approx. 30 minutes.

Which documents do I have to bring for the anaesthesiologist?
At the preliminary concerning anaesthesia, the anaesthesiologist requires all documents which allow an exact picture of your general health condition to be made: Current findings from general physicians or from specialists which are providing you treatment, weight data, general blood analysis, existing allergies, as well as cardiovascular diseases or previous disease. The information can be used by the anaesthesiologist to make the narcosis as gentle and agreeable as possible.

How can I prepare myself as a patient for a full narcosis?
Before the operation, you shall obtain exact information from us on what you have to pay attention to before undergoing anaesthesia. For example, this includes not eating, drinking or smoking before the operation.

How should I act after undergoing a full narcosis?
In the first 24 hours after undergoing a full narcosis, you are not allowed to drive or operate dangerous equipment or machinery. Take it easy on yourself in this period and avoid any type of bodily strain. The first hours after a full narcosis are not the right point in time to do important business or sign contracts.