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Preserving teeth

with an apicectomy

It is important to us to preserve the natural tooth as long as possible. Due to caries or other dental diseases, chronic inflammations at the tooth root can occur that are no longer treatable in the classical manner by performing a common root canal treatment.  Therefore, it can become necessary to remove the inflamed root end within the scope of a small operation, an apicectomy, in order to preserve the healthy remainder of the tooth.  In many cases, in addition to the apicectomy, it is necessary to implement a new root canal filling in order to completely seal the root canal system, thus preventing a recurrence of the inflammation.

If inflammations of the tooth root are not treated at all or if they are not treated sufficiently by means of a preceded root canal treatment, not only strong toothache can occur, but there is a risk of inflammation of the surrounding jaw bone tissue and a possible tooth loss. Often, an apicectomy is then the correct treatment.

At the practice of die Oralchirurgen in Wiesloch, apicectomies take place under local anaesthesia or upon request, also under a full narcosis.


Frequently asked questions regarding apicectomy by patients

How long does an apicectomy last?

The actual operation generally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on the position of the tooth and the severity of the inflammation at hand.

Do you experience pain after an apicectomy?
As is the case for every operative intervention, following an apicectomy, after the local anaesthesia and the narcosis wear off, you can also experience a feeling of pressure and the soreness of the wound around the area operated on. The painkiller we prescribe should provide relief from this discomfort.

As a patient, what should I pay attention to after an apicectomy?
Refrain from eating food or consuming hot and especially cold beverages until the narcosis wears off. Lay a cool pack onto the affect cheek so that the swelling goes down quicker. Do not lay ice or the cool pack directly onto the skin, but always place a cloth in between.

Avoid nicotine and alcohol for at least a few days after the apicectomy.