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Stückeläckerweg 2a
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Tel 06222 - 30 464 - 0

Energy and the healing process


With regard to holistic therapy, we offer energetic healing techniques. This is a holistic approach to influence healing in a positive manner. Energetic healing has to do with the fact that people possess an energy field (a so-called aura) outside of the physical body.

Each illness or injury also makes itself evident in this energy field outside of the realm of the physical body. By means of energy and healing work, the energy flow can be harmonised and remedy disorders.

In this way, illnesses can be handed at a completely different level and the healing process can be positively influenced.

Especially patients with anxiety can considerably reduce reactions of fear by means of energy work. In this way, a conventional treatment is possible in a peaceful atmosphere with a sense of security.

I would be happy if you would confide your trust in me to be able to provide you treatment in this way.

This form of therapy is offered exclusively by Dr. Klug, who has completed an extensive three-year training in the field.


Frequently asked questions regarding energy and the healing process posed by patients

Is this treatment carried out as an alternative or as a supplement to the healing procedures carried out in accordance with conventional medical treatments?

This method aims at activating self-healing powers and is therefore to be seen as a supplement to conventional medical treatments that may be required.

As a patient, what type of healing success should I expect from this form of therapy?
Success can be diverse depending on the respective patient’s general condition and response. Almost all of the time, however, a clearly positive effect on accompanying symptoms and the healing process is achieved.

What types of treatments are required to free myself from being afraid of my dentist?
In most cases, a considerable reduction of fear can already be achieved having a treatment directly at the beginning of conventional therapy.