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Stückeläckerweg 2a
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The basis for healthy teeth


Our periodontium, consisting of bone and gums, forms the basis of healthy tooth substance that is stable and resilient - and stays that way. Through bacterial plaque, nicotine abuse and other factors, gingivitis can firstly occur, which can spread to the tooth supporting bone. The inflammation can break down the bone, loosen teeth and in the worst case, lead to teeth having to be extracted. This is the case of a periodontitis. Within the scope of periodontology, also follow the need to preserve what is already there. The regular removal of bacteria and deposits is also included within this spectrum, as well as treating symptoms which have already occurred such as receding gums, bleeding gums or even the degradation of tooth substance. In many cases, basic periodontological treatment is performed by a general dentist. In the case of advanced progression of the disease however, a periodontological surgical intervention for the purpose of further preserving the teeth is unavoidable. We would be happy to collaborate with general dentists to develop a joint concept for therapy in order to achieve the best treatment success possible for our mutual patients.


Frequently asked questions regarding periodontitis treatment posed by patients

How long does a periodontitis treatment last?

Most of the time, depending on the severity of the gingivitis, periodontitis or periodontosis require a long-term treatment that can last several months under certain circumstances.

What are periodontal surgical operations?
Periodontal surgical measures including numerous individual measures such as bone augmentation procedures, root smoothing or gum corrections. This has to do with completely individual surgical procedures that have been tailored to the patient, which can often be performed by us in a minimally invasive manner and with gentle surgical procedures. Each of these surgical procedures is preceded by a thorough consultation.