Stückeläckerweg 2a, 69168 Wiesloch
TEL 06222 - 30 464 - 0
Stückeläckerweg 2a
69168 Wiesloch
Tel 06222 - 30 464 - 0

Trust generated

by competence

Our philosophy is based upon trust that our dentist colleagues place in our ability since they entrust their patients to us for a surgical intervention. Trust that our patients confide in us as a team since they allow themselves to be recommended to us. And finally, trust that we have in ourselves since we apply all of our skills for the well-being of our patients on a daily basis.

We would also like the opportunity to gain your trust.


An all-round package

from a single source

We have a goal we would like to reach: holistically impressive surgical treatment. In order to meet this requirement, we place a special focus on the patients themselves and organise what we do around them in all respects. Humanity, trust and high standards are necessary to ensure that the philosophy behind our practices is upheld.

That is what we work to achieve. Every day. All of us.