Stückeläckerweg 2a, 69168 Wiesloch
TEL 06222 - 30 464 - 0
Stückeläckerweg 2a
69168 Wiesloch
Tel 06222 - 30 464 - 0

Reliable cooperation


As a referral practice, over many years, we have acquired the trust of our referring colleagues and patients. We would like to continue to maintain and preserve this stance.


The state

of the art

Regular trainings ensure the quality standard of the entire team. At all times, we would like to provide our colleagues with a reliable partner and be able to continuously provide our patients with optimal treatment according to current research findings. For this purpose, our team of practitioners always undergo training to be continuously be up-to-date on the latest scientific findings. In addition, we also offer regular in-house trainings for interested dental practitioner colleagues.




exchange with benefit

A problem shared is a problem halved - with expertise this is exactly the opposite: it is shared, it is proliferated. In this connection, we offer our colleagues and partners to share our knowledge with them. Our courses and lectures take place on a regular basis on interesting professional topics. The details can be found here:

Concerning this, if you have further questions, we will be happy to accept your call/your message.